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Somebody's Lover: The Jackson Brothers, Book 1

Somebody's Lover: The Jackson Brothers, Book 1

Titel: Somebody's Lover: The Jackson Brothers, Book 1
Autoren: Jasmine Haynes
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her hair.
    “Something bouncy and short?”
    Her head enshrouded in terrycloth, Roberta nodded.
    “Thank God, Bobbie. I’ve been telling you your hair is naturally curly, the length and weight just pulls it all out.”
    Mimi tugged Roberta to her feet and guided her to a chair. The towel came off. What she’d thought would be red was merely a darker brown. Richer maybe, but still brown.
    “Don’t pout. It’ll look red when it dries. Now, how short shall we go?” Mimi fluffed the drying strands.
    Roberta pointed to her shoulders.
    Mimi grimaced in the mirror. “That’ll drag your face down. As we get older, we need to make sure our faces don’t drag.”
    Who was this we ? Mimi was a pert, perpetual twenty-nine-year-old with lively black hair, wood-nymph brown eyes, and unlined skin. Without opening her mouth, Roberta skimmed the bottom of her ears with shaky fingers.
    Mimi beamed. “Perfect.”
    Then she started snipping, clipping, drying, and poofing. Roberta squeezed her eyes shut amidst the cacophony of voices, laughter, running water, and blow dryers.
    “You can open them now.”
    A scintilla of the hysteria she’d felt under the dryer tingled along Roberta’s nerve endings. Then she looked in the mirror.
    “Oh my.”
    Behind her, Mimi bounced with expectation. “Whad’ya think?”
    Roberta didn’t recognize the face framed in silky red hair just brushing the tips of her ears, hugging her nape, gently curling across her forehead. Her hazel eyes looked greener, lush, like new spring grass. Her lips looked fuller. And the tired lines pulling at her mouth seemed to have vanished.
    “It makes you look like you’ve lost weight. I think you need to buy a new outfit to celebrate.”
    The woman in the mirror needed a whole new wardrobe. Business suits and tailored blouses just wouldn’t go with that face. That face needed vibrant colors and short skirts. Four-inch spike heels.
    The hand in the mirror touched the full lips. Lipstick. Something overstated. “Maybe I need some new makeup, too, Mimi.”
    “I’ve got just the thing.” Mimi disappeared from the mirror, click-clacking across the linoleum.
    Yes, she needed new makeup. Because fixing your whole life couldn’t be accomplished simply by changing your hairstyle.
    No, that new hair needed new makeup, new clothes, new shoes. And a new name. Like Bobbie. Bobbie Jones. Without the Spivey, which had always made her think of the word spineless . Spineless Spivey. Warren? Or herself?
    And Director of Accounting would never do for Bobbie Jones. Bobbie needed something...exciting. A job where she’d meet new people every day. Doing something she’d shine at. Where she couldn’t help but be noticed.
    Where there were no Mr. Winklemans pointing their fingers and saying, She did it. Fire her .
    God, could she really do it? Could she really quit, try on another career like a new outfit?
    What on earth was standing in her way? There was no Warren. And there was money in the bank to tide her over until she found just the right job.
    Could she? Would she? She stared at the familiar yet changed woman in the mirror. That woman could do anything she set her mind to. That woman would find a new goal in life.
    Roberta sat straighter, squared her shoulders, put a hand to the brand new curls that overflowed the top of her head. Bobbie Jones wouldn’t have to worry about negative impacts on a man’s sex drive. Bobbie Jones would have her pick.
    Roberta Jones Spivey could stick with a job she hated and grovel at the feet of the Winklemans of the world. Roberta Jones Spivey could have panic attacks under a hair dryer because she’d decided to change the color of her hair. Bobbie Jones had better things to do. Important things to do. One all-important thing.
    Bobbie Jones was going to Cottonmouth to show Warren what he’d thrown away when he drove off into the sunset to find the Cookie Monster.
    Oh yeah, and one more really important thing. Bobbie would have sex for the first time in...much too long.

    * * * * *

    Bobbie Jones—she’d tossed out Roberta along with her job, her tailored suits, and her frilly blouses—tapped her brilliant crimson lip with the tip of a matching manicured nail. A new woman with a new attitude. And no ugly, painful thoughts.
    “I must have that cottage.” No, no, we can’t possibly do this . Bobbie quashed another annoying little Robert-whine. She was getting so much better at doing it, since that day in the salon, a little
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