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Somebody's Lover: The Jackson Brothers, Book 1

Somebody's Lover: The Jackson Brothers, Book 1

Titel: Somebody's Lover: The Jackson Brothers, Book 1
Autoren: Jasmine Haynes
portion of the work Jackson and Sons Arborists did. “I’ll still do tree work when you need me.” The family tree-trimming outfit could run without him a few days a week. Dad would still have Jace and Mitch.
    “But why?”
    “It’s a good opportunity for me.” Not to mention that he needed a little time off from the family.
    “I knew something was up when you didn’t make it to the last two barbecues.”
    The Sunday family barbecues were a tradition his mom hadn’t allowed to die when Lou did. David had needed time off from that, too.
    “Look, I know this whole thing with Taylor and Jace has gotten under your skin.”
    Taylor and Jace. His youngest brother and his eldest brother’s widow. Since the announcement six weeks ago, he’d been telling himself they hadn’t betrayed Lou. Taylor had a right to move on.
    But marrying Jace? There was something wrong in that.
    “My decision has nothing to do with them.” He’d struggled to keep his feelings to himself since that day at the hospital, but the effort was wearing on him.
    “David, I might be almost sixty years old, but I’m not stupid. I suspected you had a thing for Taylor, and I know it’s hard to watch her with Jace.”
    Balanced on two chair legs, David almost fell backward, shock hitting him first. Then he tamped down a burst of anger. That was the most telling symptom of his current malady, a temper too close to the surface. In the past, he’d been slow to anger, but recently, the slightest thing set him off. He dropped his chin and stared at his dad over the top of his sunglasses. “You’ve gotta be kidding. Where did that come from?”
    “I’ve got eyes. You’ve been twitchy around her for months.”
    He’d been twitchy because Lou’s death had ripped a hole the size of California in the family, tearing apart the very fabric by which they lived, and filling his big brother’s shoes had been a helluva lot harder than he’d thought.
    But wanting Taylor for himself? Christ. “Dad, I never had a thing for Taylor.” The thought of being a second-hand dad to her boys petrified him.
    He wanted out for a while. He’d worked for the family outfit since he was old enough to load the scrap left behind after a job. Over half his life. The last three years had been the worst, since Lou died and keeping the family together fell on his shoulders. On his watch, they’d damn near crumbled beneath the weight of Lou’s passing. He sucked at being the eldest.
    His dad was still giving him the eye. David felt the need to repeat himself.
    “I’m happy for them. I don’t have any hidden passion for Taylor. And I’ve made my decision.”
    His dad’s lips flattened. “I don’t know how I’m going to tell your mom. She’s going to be heartbroken.”
    He should have known Dad would play the guilt card. David took a deep breath, then let it out long and slow.
    “Mom’s going to be fine, and you know it.”
    Arthur Jackson sighed, and resignation eased the tense line of his jaw. “She should hear it from you. She’ll want to be sure you’re happy with this move.”
    “I planned on dropping by to tell her tomorrow.”
    “And you’re coming to the barbecue on Sunday or she’ll think you’re mad at us all.”
    He was thirty-four years old yet his father still seemed to think he needed to be told how to handle a delicate situation. It wasn’t a dig, it was just his dad, but he’d never heard his father remind Lou about the basics.
    David hadn’t handled the situation well on the day he found out about Taylor and Jace. In fact, he’d been way out of line. He’d apologized to both of them for the shitty things he said. But something changed that day, as irrevocably as life had changed the day Lou died.
    He no longer felt a part of his family, and he’d step away until he could figure out why. He’d leave before he let loose with something even more damaging than what he had already said to his brother.

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