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The Last Dark: The climax of the entire Thomas Covenant Chronicles (Last Chronicles of Thomas Cove)

The Last Dark: The climax of the entire Thomas Covenant Chronicles (Last Chronicles of Thomas Cove)

Titel: The Last Dark: The climax of the entire Thomas Covenant Chronicles (Last Chronicles of Thomas Cove)
Autoren: Stephen R. Donaldson
assigned to Lord Verement
    Three Corners of Truth, the: basic formulation of beliefs taught and enforced by the Clave
    thronehall, the: the Despiser’s seat in Foul’s Creche
    Tier of Riches, the: showroom of the
’s wealth; third level of the Sandhold
title for Thomas Covenant after his death
    Tohrm: a Gravelingas; Hearthrall of Lord’s Keep
    Tomal: a Stonedownor craftmaster
slain by the Clave
    Treacher’s Gorge: ravine opening into Mount Thunder
, nourishing fruit found throughout the Land in all seasons
    Trell: Gravelingas of Mithil Stonedown; husband of Atiaran, father of Lena
    Trevor: a Lord, husband of Loerya
    Triock: a Stonedownor, son of Thuler; loved Lena
    Trothgard: a region of the Land, formerly Stricken Stone
    Tull: a Bloodguard
: a Raver, Herem, Kinslaughterer
    Tuvor: First Mark of the Bloodguard; a commander of the original
: a Giantish training vessel for apprentice sailors
    Ulman: a
; a Master of the Land
    Unbeliever, the: title claimed by Thomas Covenant
    Unfettered, the: lore-students freed from conventional responsibilities to seek individual knowledge and service
    Unfettered One, the: founder of a line of men waiting to greet Thomas Covenant’s return to the Land
    Unhomed, the: the lost Giants living in Seareach
    un-Maker-made, the: in
legend, living beings not created by the Maker
    upland: plateau above Revelstone
    Upper Land, the: region ofthe Land west of Landsdrop
    ur-Lord: title given to Thomas Covenant
    ur-viles: Demondim-spawn, evil creatures
: nourishing melon grown by the people of the Land
    Vailant: former High Lord before Prothall
    Vain: Demondim-spawn; bred by ur-viles for a secret purpose
    Vale: a Bloodguard
    Valley of Two Rivers, the: site of Revelwood in Trothgard
    Variol Tamarantha-mate: a Lord, later High Lord; son of Pentil, father of Mhoram
    Verement: a Lord, husband of Shetra
    Verge of Wandering, the: valley in the Southron Range southeast of Mithil Stonedown; gathering place of the nomadic Ramen
    Vernigil: a
; a Master of the Land guarding First Woodhelven
    Vertorn: a healer in Berek Halfhand’s army
    Vespers: self-consecration rituals of the Lords
    Vettalor: Warmark of the army opposing Berek Halfhand
: meeting place at Revelwood
    Victuallin Tayne: a region in the Center Plains
    Vidik Amar: a region of the Earth
    Vigilall Scudweather: a Giant (woman); Master of Dire’s Vessel
    Viles: monstrous beings which created the Demondim
: nourishing fluid created by the Waynhim
    Vizard, the: one of the Insequent
    Voice of the Masters, the: a
leader; spokesman for the Masters as a group
    Vortin: a
; a Master of the Land
: a plant-sap which wards off insects
    Vow, the:
oath of service which formed the Bloodguard
: a Waynhim
    Ward: a unit of Kevin’s lore
    Warhaft: commander of an Eoman
    Warlore: Sword knowledge in Kevin’s Lore
    Warmark: commander of the Warward
    Warrenbridge: entrance to the catacombs under Mount Thunder
    Warward, the: army of Lord’s Keep
    Wavedancer: Giantship commanded by Brow Gnarlfist
    Wavenhair Haleall: a Giant, wife of Sparlimb Keelsetter, mother of triplets
    Waymeet: resting place for travelers maintained by Waynhim
    Waynhim: tenders of the Waymeets; rejected Demondim-spawn, opponents and relatives of ur-viles
    Weird of the Waynhim, the: Waynhim concept of doom, destiny, or duty
: Giantish name for the
    Whane: a Cord of the Ramen
    white gold: a metal of power not found in the Land
    white gold wielder: title given to Thomas Covenant
    White River, the: a river of the land
    Whrany: a Ranyhyn stallion; mount of Bhapa
    Wightburrow, the: cairn under which Drool Rockworm is buried
    Wightwarrens: home of the Cavewights under Mount Thunder; catacombs
    wild magic: the power of white gold; considered the keystone of the Arch of Time
    Wildwielder: white gold wielder; title given to Linden Avery by Esmer and the
    Windscour: region in the Center Plains
    Windshorn Stonedown: a village in the South Plains
    Winhome: Ramen lowest rank
    Wiver Setrock: a Giant (man); crew aboard Dire’s Vessel
    Woodenwold: region of trees surrounding the
    Woodhelven: wood-village
    Woodhelvennin: inhabitants of wood-village
    Word of Warning: a powerful, destructive forbidding
    Worm of the World’s End, the: creature believed by

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