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Carpathian 00 - The Scarletti Curse

Carpathian 00 - The Scarletti Curse

Titel: Carpathian 00 - The Scarletti Curse
Autoren: authors_sort
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was lying on her stomach on the marble beside the pool, trailing her fingers in the water.
    Candlelight flickered and danced over her bare skin, her long legs drawing attention to the curve of her bottom. Her hair fell in a cascade of blue-black silk over one bare shoulder. She took his breath away with her beauty.
    He made a sound in his throat, his black eyes fixed on her like a predator's on prey. She glanced over her shoulder, saw the hunger in his eyes, and smiled an enticement. "I was hoping you would join me. I have been lying here thinking about you." She turned slightly, just enough that he caught a glimpse of her full breasts beckoning him.
    "What were you thinking?" His body was already reacting to the sight of her gleaming skin, her rounded curves, the inviting dimples at the small of her back. He was hard and thick with need, a painful ache at the sensuous invitation of her naked body. His breeches were all at once extremely confining.
    Her gaze moved over his masculine frame to settle thoughtfully on his rigid thickness. "I was thinking how much I like the way you touch me." Her hand drifted down her own body, calling attention to the swell of her breasts, her narrow waist, the curve of her hips. "How good your mouth feels on my skin. How much I like my mouth on your skin." She turned back to settle down, her fingers playing absently in the water, her eyes closing. "It is so wonderful here in this room, Giovanni, the two of us locked away from the rest of the world."
    Giovanni murmured his agreement even as he kicked aside his breeches. He walked down the steps into the hot water, which licked at his skin like a thousand tongues, cleansing him, and he stood beside her, his hands finding her ankle, her beautiful calf. She had already bathed, and she smelled clean and fresh.
    He bent his head to taste the small droplets on the back of her knee. His teeth teased her gently, moving steadily upward to her thighs. His hands stroked caresses over her legs, inch by slow inch.
    Nicoletta stirred, sighing contentedly. "Do you miss me the way I miss you when you are gone?" Her voice was soft, seeping into his pores, soaking into his heart.
    His tongue swirled behind her knee. "I miss you so much, I ache for you." His breath was warm, teasing her sensitive skin. "I think of you when I should be working." His fingers delved into hidden shadows. His teeth nipped gently at her skin. His hands shaped the curve of her hips. He pulled himself out of the water to blanket her body with his, his mouth finding those intriguing little dimples in the small of her back. He pressed against her, taking his time while he explored the firmness of her derriere, trailing kisses, lazily Generated by ABC Amber LIT Conv erter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html
    swirling his tongue in each hollow and secret feminine recess.
    "Really?" Nicoletta laughed softly, lifting her hips to push back against him, enjoying the feel of him so thick and hard and wanting her. "What are you thinking about right now?"
    He turned her over, his gaze hot and hungry. "I am thinking that claiming my rights from your villaggio was the best decision I ever made." He bent his head to her breasts, his hands moving possessively over her. His tongue bathed the faint bruise there, gentle and soothing.
    "I am thinking you are right, Giovanni." Nicoletta closed her eyes, arching into the heat of his mouth, burying her fists in his hair to hold him to her. "I want you. I have waited all day for you."
    He lifted his head to study her face. " All day?"
    She nodded mutely, watching him. Beneath him, her legs moved restlessly, her hips pushing at him. "All day I thought only of you."
    "You make me happy as no other could, saying that simple thing to your husband," he said softly, slipping back into the water and pulling her to the edge of the pool so that he could put her long legs on his shoulders. "You take away my every burden, Nicoletta." His hands stroked her thighs and pulled her even closer.
    Nicoletta's entire body clenched in anticipation. His breath was warm on her skin. His hair brushed like wet silk on her inner thighs. He kissed her wet, tight curls, his tongue stroking a lingering caress to taste her before he inserted two fingers into her tight core, pushing deeply just for the pleasure of her response.
    "Yes, bambina, that is what I need. You, hot and ready for me." He pulled her to his seeking mouth, delivering a wild assault of sheer
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