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Promised (The Promised Series)

Promised (The Promised Series)

Titel: Promised (The Promised Series)
Autoren: Michelle Turner
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Chapter 1 – Linc
    ~The Great Lincoln Tatman~
    “I’ve found the girl of my dreams.” I whisper to my cousin Nate.
    “Oh, I have to see this. Who could possibly get the attention of the Great Lincoln Tatman?” He teases as he looks around the school parking lot.
    “Shut it, smart ass.” I use my shoulder to push him. He’s been calling me that ever since I moved to town and all the girls at the high school started giving me the attention he used to receive. I’ve tried to explain to him that he can have it and those girls. I haven’t found a single one that interests me. Well, until now, and she hasn’t even looked in my direction. But Nate, being Nate, is pouting about not being the center of every girl’s attention.
    “Just point her out. I don’t see anyone you haven’t already had falling at your feet.” He pouts, pushing back on my shoulder.
    “Over there.” I point out a girl sitting under one of the large oak trees at the front of the school. She’s leaning against it with her legs crossed, text book resting on her lap, and a notebook in her hand. I’m not close enough to make out the details of her eyes, but from here, I can see how her curly brown hair is just passing her shoulders. I watch as it falls in her eyes for the fifth time since I’ve been watching and she uses the back of her hand to push it back in place.
    She’s wearing straight leg dark jeans and a pale blue sweater that exposes a small strip of her perfect stomach. She topped the whole look off with a pair of black high heeled boots that go to mid-calf. It’s the middle of November and the weather is already feeling more like winter than fall, so she really should be wearing a coat. I’m seriously thinking about going over and offering her mine. It would be the perfect opening to introduce myself.
    “Ah hell, that ain’t happening.” Nate laughs out loud beside me, pulling me out of my perusal of the brunette.
    “You think she’s out of my league?” I ask, puffing my chest out at what sounds like an obvious challenge.
    “No man, that’s not it at all. It’s just that…” Nate stops, looking for the right words.
    “Spit it out.” I demand.
    “Let’s just say, she doesn’t date. Not us anyways.” Nate says as an explanation, shoving his hands in his pockets to keep them warm.
    “ Us as in me and you, or us as in high school guys?” I question him.
    “Linc, take my advice for once and drop it. Nothing will ever happen with you and that girl.” Nate tells me as he looks me in the eyes.
    “I think I can change her mind. She’d be worth it.” I have no doubt about that. She’s the definition of beautiful come to life. If her personality is a quarter of what her beauty is, she’d be worth the challenge.
    “See that Navigator pulling up?” Nate asks, but I don’t see why he’s changing the subject.
    “Of course I do. I’m not blind.” I snap.
    “Watch it closely.”
    I do as he says. I watch as it pulls up to the curb a few feet away from where my dream girl sits under the tree. The doors to the black Navigator open up and four dark haired, muscled guys exit it. They approach my dream girl and help her gather her bag and books and then walk her to the SUV. The one who is driving notices us watching them and glares at me as he slips back into the driver’s seat.
    “What the hell was that?” I turn back to Nate and ask.
    “That is the best reason you have to stay away from that girl.” He informs me.
    “Brothers?” I ask.
    “Extremely overprotective brothers who are not afraid to rip off your manhood if you get within ten feet of their only sister.” Nate clarifies.
    “There are only four of them. With you at my back, it might be an even fight.” I reason out loud, not ready to give up on my dream girl.
    “There were only four here today, but there’s a fifth brother and a father. And her old man taught those boys everything they know, so I wouldn’t count him out of the fight.”
    “I doubt her dad is going to jump into the fight.” I say, doubting the description my cousin is using to sway me from the fight for my dream girl.
    “Cuz, her dad is blood thirsty. He’d push his sons out of the way to get a shot at you. I hear he still bare-knuckle fights to earn some extra green.”
    “If that’s true, then he’s crazy.”
    “Well, my sources are very reliable so I’m warning you, stay away from that girl and her family.” Nate watches my face closely. Seeing that
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