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Kisser (2010)

Kisser (2010)

Titel: Kisser (2010)
Autoren: Stuart - Stone Barrington 00 Woods
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Stone asked.
    “Nope,” Dino said. Then, as the curtain was being slowly lowered for the intermission, a single gunshot rang out.
    Stone and Dino turned and looked toward the rear of the theater, where they saw a scuffle going on in the dress circle. A woman screamed, and a second shot was fired, bringing down a drizzle of plaster from above.
    “Stay here,” Dino said, and he ran up the aisle, pushing people out of his way.
    As Stone stood watching the scuffle in the dress circle, he thought he saw Willie Leahy there. Dino joined the group, and someone was dragged up the stairs and out of the theater. The crowd now moved toward the lobby for intermission.
    Stone was sipping a glass of champagne at the bar when Dino returned.
    “There appears to be something you didn’t tell me,” Stone said to him.
    “I told you I was on duty,” Dino said.
    “Was that Max Long doing the shooting?”
    “Carrie’s ex? One and the same.”
    “How did this come about?”
    “I had a tip from Atlanta. Max took off in his King Air this afternoon and, surprise, surprise, turned up at Teterboro. He’s been followed ever since by my guys.”
    “And how did Willie Leahy get involved?”
    “Willie took a personal interest in the events,” Dino replied. “We got him a seat behind Max.”
    “And you didn’t tell me any of this?”
    “I didn’t want to concern you,” Dino said. “Now let’s go enjoy the rest of the show.”
    Before the curtain went up, Del Wood walked to center stage and held up his hands for silence. “Ladies and gentlemen,” he said, “I wish to apologize for the small disturbance at the end of the first act. It appears that someone wasn’t enjoying my show as much as you were and wished to register a protest. He has been relocated and will not disturb us further. Please enjoy the rest of the show. Thank you.” He walked off the stage to a rousing hand.
    AND ENJOY the rest of the show Stone and Dino did, along with the rest of the audience. There were eighteen curtain calls, and the stage was flooded with flowers. The critics rushed up the aisle while the audience was still standing and beating their hands together.
    “I’d say it’s going to run,” Dino said.
    AFTERWARD, Stone and Dino went to Sardi’s for the opening night party to wait for the reviews with the other invited guests.
    Somebody rushed in with stacks of the papers around midnight, and someone else stood on a table and read them aloud, a series of raves, particularly for the show’s star.
    Stone stood with Dino at the edge of the crowd, watching Carrie accept the congratulations of everyone. At no time did she let go of the hand of her handsome young costar, who was wearing almost as much of her lipstick as she was.
    There was a tiny moment when Carrie spotted Stone and gave him a small wave, as if to say good-bye.
    Stone and Dino walked into the cool night air and got into Dino’s car.
    “Elaine’s,” Dino said to his driver.
    “Right,” Stone said.
    LATER, STONE RETURNED HOME, let himself in, and went upstairs to his bedroom. There was a note on his pillow from Joan.
    Stone, I haven’t wanted to mention this but something strange has been going on. I’ve noticed from my office window that a woman has been standing across the street from the house for periods of two hours or more for the past three days. She is accompanied by a large man who seems concerned for her welfare, but she does nothing but stare at the house. Finally, the man seems to persuade her to leave, but she always returns. I thought you should know about this.
    Stone sat down on the bed, put his face in his hands, and made a low, moaning noise.

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