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Vegan with a Vengeance

Titel: Vegan with a Vengeance
Autoren: Isa Moskowitz
    â€œIt’s hip. It’s punk. It’s high energy. And it’s darn fun to read! Cohost of a community-access vegan cooking show called The Post Punk Kitchen, Moskowitz here espouses a philosophy of being kind to both animals and one’s budget and of adopting a do-it-yourself attitude for a fun time in the kitchen. Vegan has a solid repertoire of recipes that will carry readers through the day, the seasons, and the holidays. Even though everything is made from scratch, most of the recipes are neither complicated nor time-consuming. The ingredients are common enough to be found in most large grocery stores or health food stores, and Moskowitz encourages substitution and experimentation. She provides good, basic information about handling tofu and making seitan and includes sidebars, a.k.a. ‘Punk Points,’ with tips ranging from how to purée soup in a blender to how to cook with lemongrass. And who can resist a vegan cookbook with recipes for Hazelnut Scones or Brooklyn Pad Thai that yield excellent results? This book will be a hit with teens and young adults as well as with adults wanting to add more spice to their own kitchen experiments. Highly recommended for all public libraries.”
    â€” LIBRARY JOURNAL , starred review
“This is not your mother’s cookbook. Vegan with a Vengeance has got plenty of attitude, and killer recipes to back it up. Watch out, Betty Crocker. Isa’s coming to kick your ass.”
    â€”ERIK MARCUS, author of Meat Market—Animals, Ethics, and Money ,
publisher of Vegan.com
“Good, honest vegan recipes with broad appeal.”
    â€œRise up domesticated thirty-something punk rockers! We may not be dyeing our hair purple or accessorizing with safety pins and duct tape anymore, but we’re still creating culture with the same feisty D.I.Y. ethic as when we booked our first basement show (sorry Mom!) or photocopied our first zine. Vegan with a Vengeance artfully integrates Isa’s New York and punk roots with a sophisticated culinary palate and political nuance that only comes with experience—all served up with humor and attitude.”
    â€”JOSH HOOTEN, Herbivore magazine
“If you’re sick of feeding corporate giants while you feed yourself, Isa’s book is the best place to start. Food doesn’t have to be filled with preservatives, injected with hormones, painted artificial colors, and wrapped in plastic to taste good. Vegan with a Vengeance shows you can make great, healthy food and still live with yourself in the morning.”
    â€”JIM LINDBERG, Pennywise
“A vegetarian since her teens, Moskowitz’s philosophy about food can be summed up by the words ‘cooking is fun.’ If your only frame of reference for vegans is the type of activist who’s decked out in an Anna Wintour mask outside the Condé Nast building or protesting against Perdue, think again. Moskowitz is likely to get chefs and non-chefs, vegans and meat-eaters alike salivating over scrumptious-sounding recipes.... Prepare to have your appetite whetted.”
“This is, hands down, the most kick-ass vegan cookbook ever. We’re going to buy copies for everyone we know so there’s never any doubt as to how well vegans eat.”
    â€”BOB AND JENNA TORRES, authors of
Vegan Freak: Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World
“A chatty Brooklynite who hosts her own public access cooking show, [Moskowitz] scatters stories about her mother, her friends, and her politics among recipes for goodies like Fresh Corn Fritters and Curried Split Pea Soup.... BBQ Pomegranate Tofu is actually baked, not barbecued, but still the tofu is rich and smoky, terrific over rice or packed into heroes. Even better, the vegan iterations of Spanakopita and Seitan-Portobello Stroganoff so closely approximate the traditional versions that even the pickiest eaters would happily trade one for the other. And although there’s no chicken broth in Matzoh Ball Soup, the vegetable stock is hearty enough to cure the fiercest cold. Best of all, and rare in a vegan cookbook, the author provides several appealing dairy-free desserts that are tasty enough to fool most omnivores, yet unique enough to thrill any vegan who just can’t face another tofu ice cream bar.”

Dedicated to my mom, Marlene Stewart,

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