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Birdy Waterman 01 - The Bone Box

Birdy Waterman 01 - The Bone Box

Titel: Birdy Waterman 01 - The Bone Box
Autoren: Gregg Olsen
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Highest Praise for Gregg Olsen
    Closer Than Blood

    “Olsen , a skilled true-crime writer and novelist, brings back Kitsap County sheriff’s detective Kendall Stark in his fleet-footed novel Closer than Blood. ”
    — The Seattle Times

    “A cat-and-mouse hunt for an individual who is motivated in equal parts by bloodlust and greed... . Olsen keeps his readers Velcroed to the edge of their seats from first page to last.... By far Olsen’s best work to date.”
    — Bookreporter.com

    “An exciting tale ... surprising twists and suspenseful spins ... Olsen keeps the reader hooked.”
    — Genre Go Round

    “Fantastic, awesome ... exciting twists and turns and an explosive, unexpected ending ... the best suspense thriller I’ve read all year!”
    — Friday Fiction

    Victim Six

    “A rapid-fire page-turner.”
    — The Seattle Times

    “Olsen knows how to write a terrifying story.”
    — The Daily Vanguard

    “ Victim Six is a bloody thriller with a nonstop, page-turning pace.”
    — The Oregonian

    “Olsen is a master of writing about crime—both real and imagined.”
    — Kitsap Sun

    “Thrilling suspense.”
    — Peninsula Gateway

    “Well written and exciting from start to finish, with a slick final twist ... a super serial killer thriller.”
    — The Mystery Gazette

    “Gregg Olsen is as good as any writer of serial killer thrillers writing now — this includes James Patterson’s Alex Cross, Jeffery Deaver’s Lincoln Rhymes and Thomas Harris’s Hannibal Lecter... . Victim Six hooks the reader.... Finely written and edge-of-seat suspense from start to finish ... fast-paced ... a super serial killer thriller.”
    — The News Guard

    Heart of Ice

    “Gregg Olsen will scare you — and you’ll love every moment of it.”
    — Lee Child

    “Olsen deftly juggles multiple plot lines.”
    — Publishers Weekly

    “Fiercely entertaining, fascinating.... Olsen offers a unique background view into the very real world of crime ... and that makes his novels ring true and accurate.”
    — Dark Scribe

    A Cold Dark Place

    “A great thriller that grabs you by the throat and takes you into the dark, scary places of the heart and soul.”
    — Kay Hooper

    “You’ll sleep with the lights on after reading Gregg Olsen’s dark, atmospheric, page-turning suspense ... if you can sleep at all.”
    — Allison Brennan

    “A stunning thriller—a brutally dark story with a compelling, intricate plot.”
    — Alex Kava

    “This stunning thriller is the love child of Thomas Harris and Laura Lippman, with all the thrills and the sheer glued-to-the-page artistry of both.”
    — Ken Bruen

    “Olsen keeps the tension taut and pages turning.”
    — Publishers Weekly

    A Wicked Snow

    “Real narrative drive, a great setup, a gruesome crime, fine characters.”
    — Lee Child

    “A taut thriller.”
    — Seattle Post-Intelligencer

    “Wickedly clever! A finely crafted, genuinely twisted tale of one mother’s capacity for murder and one daughter’s search for the truth.”
    — Lisa Gardner

    “An irresistible page-turner.”
    — Kevin O’Brien

    “Complex mystery, crackling authenticity ... will keep fans of crime fiction hooked.”
    — Publishers Weekly

    “Vivid, powerful, action-packed ... a terrific, tense thriller that grips the reader.”
    — Midwest Book Review

    “Tight plotting, nerve-racking suspense, and a wonderful climax make this debut a winner.”
    — Crimespree magazine

    “ A Wicked Snow ’s plot—about a CSI investigator who’s repressed a horrific crime from her childhood until it comes back to haunt her—moves at a satisfyingly fast clip.”
    — Seattle Times

    Fear Collector
    Closer Than Blood*
    Victim Six*
    Heart of Ice
    A Cold Dark Place
    A Wicked Snow
    A Twisted Faith
    The Deep Dark
    If Loving You Is Wrong
    Abandoned Prayers
    Bitter Almonds
    Mockingbird (Cruel Deception)
    Starvation Heights
    Confessions of an American Black Widow

    *featuring Birdy Waterman

    Gregg Olsen

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    All copyrighted material within is Attributor Protected.

For Lori Jones,
who loves being just a little bit scared

    There was an irony in the return address that never failed to elicit a sheepish wince from most anyone who received something postmarked there. Maybe even a sardonic smile. A reaction .
    The town from which the letter had been mailed was Walla Walla, a southeast
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