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Stage Fright on a Summer Night

Stage Fright on a Summer Night

Titel: Stage Fright on a Summer Night
Autoren: Mary Pope Osborne
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giant silent birds.
    Finally he and Annie came to the end of the bridge. They stepped onto the riverbank. There they stopped and looked around.
    â€œI wonder where those big kids went,” said Annie.
    Jack studied the crowd heading down the road that led from. the bridge. There was no sign of the group of ragged boys.
    Jack took out their research book. He found the picture of London Bridge. He read aloud:
    London Bridge connected London to the south bank of the river, an area where Londoners went for entertainment. The Bear Garden was a popular spot.
    â€œThe Bear Garden?” said Annie. “That sounds good. Where’s that?”
    Jack found a map of the south bank. He pointed to a circle that was labeled BEAR GARDEN .
    â€œHere,” he said. He looked up. “And … 
!” He pointed to a dark, round building in the distance.
    â€œGreat!” said Annie. “I want to see the garden filled with bears.”
    â€œLet’s read—” started Jack.
!” said Annie. She headed toward the Bear Garden.
    Jack put away their book and followed her. As they got closer, they heard loud shouting and laughter coming from inside the round building.
    Annie stopped.
    â€œWait,” she said. “I’m getting a bad feeling about the Bear Garden. Maybe we
read more about it.”
    Jack opened their book again. He read aloud:
    At an arena called the Bear Garden, people watched bears fight with dogs. Animal fights were a common sport in old England. They are against the law today.
    â€œBears fight with dogs? Yuck!” said Annie. “I couldn’t stand to watch that!”
    â€œMe neither,” said Jack. “Forget that place.” He started to walk away.
    â€œHey, Jack! Look over there!” said Annie. She pointed to a cart nearby. “That’s the bear that passed us on the bridge!”

Annie and Jack ran over to the cart. In the back of it was a cage. In the cage was a big brown bear.
    The bear was slumped over, his head still down. The sign on the cart said DAN THE DANCING BEAR .
    â€œDan?” Annie asked. “Are you going to fight?”
    The lonely-looking bear raised his hugehead and looked at Annie. His dark eyes were sad. He let out a low moan.
    â€œI understand,” Annie said. “You don’t want to fight. You’re asking me to take you away.” Annie reached for the door of the bear’s cage.

    â€œAway with you!” someone shouted angrily. “That’s my bear!”
    Jack and Annie whirled around. The cart driver was charging toward them.
    â€œHe’s mine! I’m selling him!” the man shouted.
    â€œCome on, Annie. Let’s go,” said Jack. He pulled her into the crowd walking down the road.
    â€œBut I have to save Dan!” said Annie, looking over her shoulder. “That guy wants to sell him to the bear fights!”
    â€œI know,” said Jack. “But we can’t just steal him. That guy is his owner.”
    Jack looked around. He needed to get Annie’s mind off the bear. He saw the group of older kids from the bridge. They were walking toward a round white building.
    â€œHey, look, the kids from the bridge!” he said. “Let’s see where they’re going.”
    â€œWhat about Dan?” said Annie.
    â€œWe can figure that out later,” said Jack. “Let’s follow those kids now.”
    He steered Annie toward the white building. When they got closer, Jack read the sign out front:
thought Jack. Annie loved plays. She loved acting in them at school.
    A man stood at the door of the theater. He was holding a box.
    â€œA penny to stand! A penny to stand!” he shouted.
    The older kids dropped coins into the box and went inside.
    â€œWow, the play costs only a penny!” said Jack. “That’s cheap!”
    â€œBut we don’t have any pennies,” said Annie. “Besides, I want to go back and free the bear.”
    Jack sighed.
    â€œWhat will you do with him if you free him, Annie?” he asked.
    â€œI’ll figure something out,” she said.
    â€œWell, figure it out when the owner’s not standing there,” Jack said. “Right now, let’s learn something about this
    He quickly pulled out their research book. He found a picture of the Globe Theater. He wanted Annie to
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