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Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key

Titel: Skeleton Key
Autoren: Anthony Horowitz
Skeleton Key
Alex Rider [3]
Anthony Horowitz
Puffin (2011)

Young adult fiction, Tennis, Sports Recreation, Fiction, Political Science, Terrorism, Europe, Law Crime, Political Freedom Security, Miscellaneous, Spies, Rider; Alex (Fictitious character), Orphans, Juvenile Fiction, Mysteries Detective Stories, Orphans Foster Homes, People Places, Spies - Great Britain, England, Family, Action Adventure, General, Tennis stories, Spy stories
Young adult fictionttt Tennisttt Sports Recreationttt Fictionttt Political Sciencettt Terrorismttt Europettt Law Crimettt Political Freedom Securityttt Miscellaneousttt Spiesttt Rider; Alex (Fictitious character)ttt Orphansttt Juvenile Fictionttt Mysteries Detective Storiesttt Orphans Foster Homesttt People Placesttt Spies - Great Britainttt Englandttt Familyttt Action Adventurettt Generalttt Tennis storiesttt Spy storiesttt
    From School Library Journal
    Grade 5-10-Fans of Horowitz's Stormbreaker (2001) and Point Blank (2002, both Philomel), and newcomers to the series alike, will not be disappointed with this rip-roaring escapade featuring the 14-year-old spy. Trying to return to a "normal" life as a schoolboy after a mere four weeks since his last MI6 adventure, Alex Rider is recruited right off the soccer field to check out some suspicious goings-on at Wimbledon. This assignment catapults him into a series of life-threatening episodes, such as coming face to face with a great white shark, dodging bullets as he dives off a burning boat, and being tied to a conveyor belt that is moving toward the jaws of a gigantic grindstone in an abandoned sugar factory. Soon the teen is single-handedly taking on his most dangerous enterprise yet. His mission is nothing short of saving the world from a nuclear attack, engineered by the psychopathic and egomaniacal former commander of the Russian army. Alex is armed only with a few specially designed gadgets, which are disarmingly age-appropriate: a Gameboy that doubles as a Geiger counter, a cell phone whose aerial shoots out a drugged needle that is activated by pressing 999, a Tiger Woods figurine that doubles as a small grenade when its head is twisted just so. This page-turning thriller leaves readers breathless with anticipation. When at last Alex returns home, his love interest, Sabina Pleasure, asks where he has been. "Well, I was, sort of- busy," he replies in a classic, understated, James Bond kind of way.
Elizabeth Fernandez, Brunswick Middle School, Greenwich, CT
Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.
    Gr. 6-9. Fourteen-year-old British secret agent Alex Rider, last heard from in Point Blank (2002), is back in another adventure. This time he's on an island near Cuba where he's up against a retired Russian general who plans to set off a nuclear device and, in the ensuing world chaos, take over the Russian government and restore the Soviet Empire. The general takes a shine to Alex once they meet, however, and he offers to adopt him as his son. Of course, this is the man's fatal mistake; Alex is there at the crucial moment to thwart the general's plans. This series unabashedly lifts details from the James Bond formula (minus the vodka martinis and casual sex) and transfers them to a novel for young adults. Yet, the Bond formula is the most successful in entertainment history, and there's no doubting the appeal of this action-packed spy novel. Todd Morning
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    Night came quickly to Skeleton Key.
    The sun hovered briefly on the horizon, then dipped below. At once, the clouds rolled in—first red, then mauve, silver, green and black as if all the colours in the world were being sucked into a vast melting pot. A single frigate bird soared over the mangroves, its own colours lost in the chaos behind it. The air was close. Rain hung waiting. There was going to be a storm.
    The single engine Cessna Skyhawk SP circled twice before coming in to land. It was the sort of plane that would barely have been noticed, flying in this part of the world. That was why it had been chosen. If anyone had been curious enough to check the registration number printed under the wing, they would have learned that this plane belonged to a photographic company based in Jamaica. This was not true. There was no company and it was already too dark to take photographs.
    There were three men in the aircraft. They were all dark skinned, wearing faded jeans and loose,

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