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Motor Mouth

Titel: Motor Mouth
Autoren: Janet Evanovich
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be good to stop around today and make my presence felt.”
    Hooker’s mechanic was under the hood of the primary triple two. He revved the engine and the sound was deafening.
    “Gotta go,” Suzanne said when the engine cut back. “I need to talk to Dickie before he gets in the car today.”
    “Yeah,” Hooker said on a whisper to me. “Shore him up so he’s not too crushed when he loses because he’s not running with traction control.”
    “About traction control,” I said to Hooker. “It turned out the gizmo wasn’t working at Homestead.”
    “Are you shitting me?”
    “Spanky drove a great race.”
    “That is
depressing,” Hooker said. “I’m going to need some serious cheering up when we get back to the house.”
    “And I suppose I’d be expected to help with the cheering up?”
    Hooker smiled at me. “I could cheer myself up, but it’s a lot nicer when we get cheered up together.”
    I smiled back at him. Something to look forward to. Getting cheered up with Hooker was one of my favorite things to do these days.
    Suzanne had detoured to the garage area to speak to her crew chief. She stood with one hand on the dog bag, one hand at her side, her feet planted wide. She was very much the owner. Woman in charge. She finished her conversation, turned on her heel, and stalked off to the hauler to meet with Dickie.
    “Something else to think about,” I said to Hooker. “Here’s the bad news. Any woman who can swing her ass like that in four-inch heels and has mother bear programmed into her hormone system will do whatever needs to be done to keep the cubs in pizza money. I wouldn’t be surprised if she used her technology to keep cheating. It’s virtually undetectable.”
    “Is there good news?” Hooker wanted to know.
    “Felicia called me the day after we flew out of Miami. She was walking barefoot through her dining room and pricked her foot on something sharp in the carpet. Turned out it was the chip. Beans hadn’t eaten it after all. I sent it to my pal Steven, and he backed his way through it and reproduced it for me. I just got it from FedEx yesterday. And not only do I have the duplicated technology, but I’ve come up with a way to improve on it. Because in our case, the driver would be controlling the technology, I can insert the remote into a man’s sport watch, eliminating the need for the relay.”
    Hooker slid an arm around my shoulders and hugged me into him. “Darlin’!”

About the Author
    JANET EVANOVICH is the recipient of the Silver Dagger, Last Laugh, Lefty, and John Creasey Memorial awards and the two-time recipient of the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association’s Dilys Award. She lives in Florida… sometimes.

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