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Titel: Inhuman
Autoren: Eileen Wilks
Vom Netzwerk:
and she does, but I've loved many over the years, and in many different ways. She isn't mine, Kai. Not as you are." Words. He would have hated losing speech, but words didn't come easily. How to put this feeling, this certainty, into something as limited as words?
    He looked at her beautiful face, so uncertain, and finally found the question in her heart. "Eh. You want to know… but of course I love you. I am yours as much as you are mine. That's what I wasn't saying, isn't it?"
    She laughed and kissed him and hugged him hard. "Yes. Yes, it is. You are such a
was the word for him, he realized, happy. He wasn't fully human, nor truly hound. He was sidhe—wild sidhe—and he was a man.

    Kai and Nathan's story will be continued in Eileen Wilks's next lupi book…

    Night Season
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