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Existence 01 - Existence

Existence 01 - Existence

Titel: Existence 01 - Existence
Autoren: Abbi Glines
a bank. Stop making a big deal out of it. I know I screwed up. He really needed help and I did sign up to tutor. If I want the extra credit, I have to help those Mr. Yorkley sends my way.”
    Miranda rolled her eyes, “Oh, and heaven forbid he send the hottest male in the county your way! I mean, for crying out loud, what is wrong with you?”
    It was impossible not to find amusement in her drama. Miranda never failed to make you smile at the little things, by making it all a big dramatic scene.
    “I was wrong for not offering to help. I guess my prejudice toward jocks got in the way. But, I’m not helping him because you think he is hot. I’m only helping because he actually needs help and I signed up to help those who need it.”
    Miranda rolled her eyes and froze, holding her pizza in mid-air between the plate and her mouth. “Wait....is he like going to come to your house and stuff? Because, if he is, I want to be here too. He can notice me and realize he’s hopelessly in love with me and then we can date through high school and then after graduation, we can get married and I can have his babies.”
    Soda spewed from my mouth and coated my plate of pizza. “What?” She smiled and shrugged before taking a bite of her soda-free pizza.
    “For starters, you need to finish college before you can even think of getting married and having kids. And NO he won’t be coming over here. Even if he was, I wouldn’t let you come over after such an insane comment. The last thing I want to do is fix my friend up with a guy she’s fantasizing about marrying and having babies with straight out of high school.”
    Miranda sighed in defeat and gave me the pouty frown she was so good at. “You’re no fun, Pagan, no fun at all.”
    I took another piece of pizza from the cardboard box I’d placed on the coffee table. “Really? So, why do you keep me around?” I asked.
    “Because I love you!”
    “Love you too.”
    Miranda stood up. “I hate to leave all the warm coziness of this conversation but I need to go pee.” She jumped up off the couch and headed down the hall toward the bathroom. She always held it to the last minute. I kept thinking she would grow out of it as we got older but she hadn’t. When she decided she needed to go to the restroom it was always a mad rush.
    “Interesting friend you have there. She’s really quite entertaining.” The pizza I’d been lifting toward my mouth fell out of my hands and into my lap. I bit back the scream in my throat. He’d startled me but I recognized the deep drawl.
    The talking soul sat on one of my bar stools. Just great. The really sexy, yet creepy-because–he-can-talk dead guy must have followed me home. “Why’re you here?” I demanded quietly, wanting him to just leave me alone and go wander the Earth somewhere else. The intensity of his steady gaze made my pulse jump from nerves, or maybe a better description would be fear.
    “I can’t tell you that. Now isn’t the time. But, I can tell you I’m not going away anytime soon.”
    After a quick peek to see if Miranda was returning, I glanced back at him. “Why? If I ignore you—you soul things—you always go away.”
    He frowned, leaned forward and studied me closely. “What do you mean by ignore you ‘soul things’?”
    Not feeling very safe on the floor looking up at him, I shoved the pizza out of my lap and stood up so I could be eye level with the soul. “You aren’t special. I’ve been seeing ghosts or souls or spirits or whatever you are, all my life. Souls are everywhere. In my house, on the street, in the stores, at others’ houses, I can see them. I just ignore them and they go away.”
    He slowly stood up and took a step toward me. His height was intimidating but his nearness would have had me backing up even if he’d been short. “You can see souls?”
    “I can see you, can’t I?”
    He nodded slowly. “Yes, but I’m different. You’re supposed to see me. It’s easier that way. But the others....you aren’t supposed to see them.”
    The bathroom door opened with a click. I jerked my head around to see Miranda returning with a smile on her face. “Were you talking to yourself just now?”
    I shrugged and forced a smile. “Um, yes.”
    She laughed and sat back down on the couch. I took a steadying breath and then glanced back at the soul who had returned to the same white wicker kitchen stool, watching me. The only way I could finish this conversation and get him to leave

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