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Elemental Assassin 04 - Tangled Threads

Elemental Assassin 04 - Tangled Threads

Titel: Elemental Assassin 04 - Tangled Threads
Autoren: authors_sort
Gin Blanco has critics snared in her web!
    More praise for Jennifer Estep’s thrilling Elemental Assassin series
    “The second chapter of the first-person Elemental Assassin series is just as hard-edged and compelling as the first. Gin Blanco is a fascinatingly pragmatic character, whose intricate layers are just beginning to unravel.”
Romantic Times
    “A fantastic sequel in every respect. … This second installment is even more steamy, suspenseful, and full of mystery and adventure. Packed with pulse-pounding action and suspense, this urban fantasy truly delivers. Don’t miss this series with unique world building and a complex heroine. I’m certainly caught in Estep’s web, and look forward to Gin’s next adventure.”
    “With each Jennifer Estep book I read I’m more in awe of her writing. She always has fresh storylines with well-developed characters. The dual plot lines are each tied up nicely in the end, yet we’re left with a delicious cliffhanger that will have me first in line to read the third book in the series. … This is a must-read for anyone who loves urban fantasy.”
    “Jennifer Estep has written one of the best urban fantasy series I’ve ever read. The action is off the charts, the passion is hot, and her cast of secondary characters is stellar. … If you haven’t read this series, you are missing out on one heck of a good time!”
    —The Romance Dish
    “Bodies litter the pages of this first entry in Estep’s engrossing Elemental Assassin series. … Urban fantasy fans will love it.”
Publishers Weekly
    “When it comes to work, Estep’s newest heroine is brutally efficient and very pragmatic, which gives the new Elemental Assassin series plenty of bite. Shades of gray rule in this world where magic and murder are all too commonplace. The gritty tone of this series gives Estep a chance to walk on the darker side. Kudos to her for the knife-edged suspense!”
Romantic Times
    “The fast pace, clever dialogue, and intriguing heroine help make this new series launch by the author of the Bigtime paranormal romance series one to watch.”
Library Journal
    “Electrifying! Jennifer Estep really knows how to weave a fantasy tale that will keep you reading way past your bedtime.”
    “Loaded with action and intrigue, the story is strong and exciting. … With a knock-out, climactic ending and a surprising twist that I didn’t see coming, I was definitely impressed. This dark, urban fantasy series has a promising start.”
    “Watch out world, here comes Gin Blanco. Funny, smart, and dead sexy.”
    —Lilith Saintcrow, author of
Flesh Circus
Spider’s Bite
is a raw, gritty, and compelling walk on the wild side, one that had me hooked from the first page. Jennifer Estep has created a fascinating heroine in the morally ambiguous Gin Blanco—I can’t wait to read the next chapter of Gin’s story.”
    —Nalini Singh,
New York Times
bestselling author of
Archangel’s Kiss
    “I love rooting for the bad guy—especially when she’s also the heroine.
Spider’s Bite
is a sizzling combination of mystery, magic, and murder. Kudos to Jennifer Estep!”
    —Jackie Kessler, author of
Shades of Gray
    “Jennifer Estep is a dark, lyrical, and fresh voice in urban fantasy. Brimming with high-octane–fueled action, labyrinthine conspiracies, and characters who will steal your heart,
Spider’s Bite
is an original, fast-paced, tense, and sexy read. Gin is an assassin to die for.”
    —Adrian Phoenix, author of
Black Dust Mambo
    “A sexy and edgy thriller that keeps you turning the pages. In
Spider’s Bite,
Jennifer Estep turns up the heat and suspense with Gin Blanco, an assassin whose wit is as sharp as her silverstone knives. … She’ll leave no stone unturned and no enemy breathing in her quest for revenge.
Spider’s Bite
leaves you dying for more.”
    —Lisa Shearin, national bestselling author of
Bewitched and Betrayed
    The Elemental Assassin titles are also available as eBooks

    Spider’s Bite
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    This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are

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