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Casket of Souls

Casket of Souls

Titel: Casket of Souls
Autoren: Lynn Flewelling
Vom Netzwerk:
    “Masterful … readers will be hooked.”
    —Bangor Daily News
    “Magnificent, impressive … capture[s] some of the same flavor found in T. H. White’s classic,
The Once and Future King
, as well as in Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea books. Factor in some essence of Mervyn Peake, and you have a winning combination.”
    —Realms of Fantasy
    “Flewelling’s Nightrunner books are popular among fantasy fans for a very simple reason—they’re good.
The Bone Doll’s Twin
continues that trend, and I look for her to be a major force in the future of fantasy.”
    “An intensely poignant tale that begs the question—how far should one go to change destiny? Lynn Flewelling delivers a tightly crafted narrative with vivid characters and a detailed background that quickly pulls the reader into her world.”
    —Romantic Times
    “It is the death of children that literally haunts this book, giving it a dark edge that takes
The Bone Doll’s Twin
out of the realm of fantasy and into the world of amoral, ends-justifies-the-means politics.… Most of the characters are presented as people trying to do the right thing, and being caught up in events that leave them questioning just what the right thing to do is.… Flewelling’s storytelling ability and strong prose make it all work.… It’s a gripping beginning to a story that looks to become even deeper, more complex, more political, and more real as the series goes on.”
    —New York Review of Science Fiction
    “Flewelling is the best thing that could have happened to the fantasy genre.”
    “Every now and then a book reminds me of why I originally started reading fantasy.
The Bone Doll’s Twin
 … has the buzz. It’s original, well written, and totally absorbing … by turns poignant, spooky, and earthy.… A moving and thoroughly recommended read.”
    “This terrific tale is dark and exciting, and the magic in it is truly wonderful.”
Praise for the Nightrunner Series

    “Memorable characters, an enthralling plot, and truly daunting evil … The characters spring forth from the page not as well crafted creations but as people.… The magic is refreshingly difficult, mysterious, and unpredictable. Lynn Flewelling has eschewed the easy shortcuts of clichéd minor characters and cookie-cutter backdrops to present a unique world.… I commend this one to your attention.”
    “Part high fantasy and part political intrigue,
Luck in the Shadows
makes a nice change from the usual ruck of contemporary sword-and-sorcery. I especially enjoyed Lynn Flewelling’s obvious affection for her characters. At unexpected moments she reveals a well-honed gift for the macabre.”
    “A new star is rising in the fantasy firmament.… I am awed by the scope of the intricate world. It teems with magic and bustles with realistic people and spine-chilling amounts of skullduggery.”
    “A splendid read, filled with magic, mystery, adventure, and taut suspense. Lynn Flewelling, bravo! Nicely done.”
    “An engrossing and entertaining debut … full of magic, intrigues, and fascinating characters. Witty and charming, it’s the kind of book you settle down with when you want a long, satisfying read.”
    “Exceptionally well done and entertaining.”
    “Lynn Flewelling has written a terrific first novel, a thrilling introduction to this series.… Highly recommended.”

    “Flewelling is bringing vigor back to the traditional fantasy form. In this highly engaging adventure novel, the most powerful magic is conjured out of friendship and loyalty. The author has a gift for creating characters you genuinely care about.”
The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, Eleventh Annual Collection
    “Events move forward in this second adventure.… it’s up to four companions to stop Mardus’s schemes. Things get very violent and there’s also a strong emotional undercurrent … an amusing twist on the old ‘damsel in distress’ scenario.”

    “What most fantasy aspires to
Traitor’s Moon
achieves, with fierce craft, wit and heart. It is a fantasy feast—richly imagined, gracefully wrought, and thrilling to behold. An intoxicating brew of strange and homely,
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