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Casket of Souls

Casket of Souls

Titel: Casket of Souls
Autoren: Lynn Flewelling
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Praise for

2010 RT Reviewers’ Choice Award Nominee for Career Achievement in Sci Fi/Fantasy
The White Road
is an action-packed and terrific read—enjoy. Flewelling is at the top of her game, and her game is very, very good indeed.”
New York Times
bestselling author of the Mercy Thompson series
    “Picking up right where the fourth book left off, this is an action-packed and exciting read.… Seregil and Alec remain two of the most memorable heroes in fantasy.”
    —RT Book Reviews
    “Marvelous … one of the most entertaining series out today. What makes Flewelling’s books so appealing is that they manage to blend Tolkienesque world-building with characters who are three-dimensional, realistically drawn, and often gritty. Though the stories themselves are awash with spells, prophecies, war, and other high fantasy conceits, the characters are always at the foreground—characters who live and breathe and love.”
    —Rob Will Review
Praise for

2008 Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award Nominee for Best Fantasy Novel
    “The fourth book in Flewelling’s superb Nightrunner series picks up right where the last book left off with nary a hiccup. Seregil and Alec continue to be entertaining, while Flewelling pulls off the near impossible in this compelling pageturner.”
    —Romantic Times
(4½ stars)
    “Excellent! … This [is a] terrific fantasy thriller that can stand alone, but is enhanced by the other tales in the Skalan saga.”
    “Flewelling presents a well-developed fantasy world with faie from many clans, wizards, alchemists, and ambitious humans. Love and jealousies abound and drive the story.”
    —SF Revu
Praise for

    “Some of the most inventive and emotionally gripping fantasy to come down the pike in years … Flewelling’s writing is both intelligent and visceral, with unflinching detail that compels readers to turn pages in wide-eyed fascination.… At the same time, however, a sense of poetry runs through her narration.… Flewelling takes the stock trappings of the sword-and-sorcery genre and turns them into a riveting epic story that is unique, disturbing, and enthralling.”
    “Perhaps the deepest psychological novel I’ve ever read—the fantasy makes the unconscious issues real. Gorgeous but dark.”
Praise for

    “A splendidly stirring coming-of-age tale.”
    —Romantic Times
(4½ stars)
    “It is a great book!”
    —Affaire de Couer
(4½ stars)
    “I’ve been looking forward to
The Oracle’s Queen
, the third volume in The Tamir Triad, with eager anticipation and it doesn’t disappoint. Central characters remain true to the previous volumes, and at the same time we see new facets to their personalities. The inexorable flow of events drives the narrative forcefully onward while unexpected twists keep us guessing.… I can recommend it and indeed the whole series to lovers of intelligent contemporary fantasy that nevertheless keeps faith with all the strongest traditions of the genre.”
    —J ULIET E. M C K ENNA , Emerald City
    “This novel delves deeply into the psychological effects of razzle-dazzle magic, thrones, swords, and the rest, and makes for a terrific read.… Magic, mystery, politics, emotions, and rare golden threads of the numinous all make this book a rich tapestry of a read right through the climax.… There is never an easy answer in
Oracle’s Queen:
the characters gain so much dimension that they linger in the mind long after one reads the last page. This trilogy is a must for those who love fantasy with all the Good Stuff stitched together by intelligent world-building and a wise eye for the frailties, and the greatnesses, of the human spirit.”
    —SF Site
    “A fine conclusion to an above-average series … Flewelling does an excellent job of adding depth and texture to the story of a young person thrust onto the throne of Skala.”
    —Contra Costa Times
    “Lynn Flewelling’s
The Bone Doll’s Twin, Hidden Warrior
, and
The Oracle’s Queen
are brilliantly original and moving. This story still haunts me, months after reading the books. There’s plenty of gritty realism to make this a book for adults and mature teenagers, but what it definitely is not is ‘escapist.’ This book drags you through so much emotionally painful territory that you’re almost relieved when it’s done and you
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