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Titel: Alexander-Fyn-Sanguinarian
Autoren: Fyn Alexander
    Evangeline Rutledge, an innocent young girl of gentle birth, is sold by her avaricious guardian to a Lord who has the reputation of being a vampire.
    Terrified, Evangeline runs away, and Lord Dominic Ravenscroft, known as The Raven, anticipates her reluctance to marry him and goes after her. So begins their relationship in a rundown castle in the wilds of the Yorkshire moors. The scene is made yet more desolate because it is winter.
    As it turns out, Raven is not only a vampire but also an assassin for the British government, and the screams Evangeline heard upon her arrival were the screams of a traitor being killed, not an innocent woman murdered for her blood. Evangeline, when she discovers her true self, is not quite so innocent as everyone thinks. Ultimately, the vampire and the inexperienced girl find that being opposites can make for a perfect marriage—and that a spanking can be extremely arousing.
    Genre: Historical, Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves Length: 85,438 words


    Fyn Alexander


    Siren Publishing, Inc.
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    IMPRINT: Erotic Romance

    Copyright © 2011 by Fyn Alexander
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    First E-book Publication: September 2011

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    To Rowan and Brynn, beautiful daughters.


    Copyright © 2011

Chapter One
    London, 1890

    “You have no choice! You will marry Lord Dominic Ravenscroft whether you like it or not.”
    Evangeline Rutledge stared in growing disbelief at her uncle. Silas Sidley had never been a loving, or even kindly, guardian, but she never thought he would stoop to forcing her into a marriage she did not want, and to such a man.
    “I have never even met Lord Ravenscroft. I know him only by his reputation, which is repugnant. His family history is streaming with blood and horror. Rumour has it they are involved in sorcery, even blood sacrifice.”

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